Griffin and Aimée Wilder Brighten Up the iPad Protection With Girlbot

  • Griffin and Aimée Wilder Girlbot
  • Griffin and Aimée Wilder Girlbot screenshot
  • Girlbot from Griffin and Aimée Wilder
  • Girlbot from Griffin and Aimée Wilder review

Griffin collaborated with renowned designer Aimée Wilder to produce a unique tablet sleeve Girlbot. The new case can accommodate both Apple iPad and iPad 2 and features eye-catching Girlbot pattern from Aimée Wilder. The case is both extremely slim, but will keep your tablet safe thanks to the durable padding.

The new Apple iPad case comes with a flap tab closure, which keeps the sleeve securely shut when not in use ensuring the tablet can’t accidentally slip out. The tab can also be used to slide the device out of the case anytime you need to access its functions.

The new Apple iPad 2 case was designed with women in mind, but will certainly find many fans among the men, who value bright design coupled with great all-round protection for their devices. Girlbot is not the only tablet case, which resulted from Griffin cases and Aimée Wilder cooperation.

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