Find a Vintage Home for the New iPad With iSockit From Blythe King

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iSockit from Blythe King is a collection of tablet sleeves and tablet bags made from vintage fabrics ranging from an old US Navy military uniform to tweed wool materials. Each case is handmade to ensure the best possible quality and the hand-stitched nature means there are no two cases alike.

All tablet cases are designed to fit the all-new iPad, but can also accommodate the original Apple iPad and the iPad 2 with the Apple Smart Cover attached to it. Tablet sleeves in the collection come with a sling-flap closure usually secured by a button closure and featuring a front pocket.

The tablet bags from iSockit selection feature a comfy handle reflecting the overall design of the case and a useful exterior pocket with a button closure. Each and every case is designed to protect the tablet from impacts and drops on the outside and from scratches and smudges on the inside.

The price for these items ranges from $50 to $105.

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