MiPow Juices Up the iPad 2 With the New Cover Case

  • MiPow Juice Cover
  • MiPow Juice Cover screenshot
  • Juice Cover from MiPow

MiPow presented the Juice Cover – a clever and stylish tablet battery case designed for the Apple iPad 2. The new case is a combination of a durable back protector with a Smart cover compatible case, but it also features a built-in battery, which can provide up to 65 percent more juice in case the iPad runs dry.

The sturdy material used on the new Apple iPad 2 case will protect the device from minor bumps and bruises, while keeping all ports and buttons completely open to free access. The case is fully compatible with the Apple Smart Cover and the combination of the two will provide an all-round protection for the tablet.

The unique design of the case covers only the 30 pin connector to always have the built-in battery at hand. Users can simply switch on the battery and enjoy additional hours of operation. An indicator light is also included to tell precisely how much power is left in the case.

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