Make Your iPad Smart Cover Even Smarter With the New Stand

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Dotan Saguy presented a unique tablet stand solution to assist the Apple Smart Cover – Smarter Stand. The designer has already achieved his funding goal at Kickstarter, and we helped his goal by pledging funds. The revolutionary solution allows the user to fix the Smart Cover at the desired angle via 2 clips.

Apple Smart Cover is great in many ways, except one – the viewing angles it provides are limited, this is where the new product comes in. The installation of the Smarter Stand is extremely easy – users simply need to attach the 2 clips to either side of the cover and enjoy the viewing angle they desire.

The Smarter Stand is compatible with both Apple Smart Cover and Smart Case. A polyurethane pad is provided for the Smart Cover, which latches onto the tablet’s back to prevent the device from slipping. The Smart Case doesn’t require such assistance. Viewing angles are varied by sliding the clips to block the folds of the cover.

Pledges of $12 or more will get you the stand.

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