Create Your Own New iPad Protection With the Custom Case From iGear

  • iGear Custom iPad Case

Custom iPad Case from iGear is, just as its name suggests, a high-quality custom tablet case designed for the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The extra durable polycarbonate material enhanced by a rubberized soft-touch coating provides an all-round protection against impacts, scuffs and dents.

Naturally, the best thing about the new iPad case is its customization options: a convenient HTML5 design tool makes uploading customers’ photos and editing them extremely easy and fast. All ports and buttons of the tablet are open to unrestricted access with the case attached to the pad.

The Apple iPad 2 case is also highly functional: magnets , built into the cover turn the device on and off upon closing or opening the cover; five different tablet stand positions deliver any desired angle for multimedia enjoyment and comfortable typing.

The price for this item is $79.99.

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