Opt Gear Supplies the New iPad With a Shining Smart Armor

  • Opt Gear Smart Armor
  • Smart Armor from Opt Gear
  • Smart Armor from Opt Gear review
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Opt Gear launched Smart Armor – is an attractive folio tablet case designed to fit the Apple new iPad. The unique material used during its manufacture allows the front cover to be severely bended, but still retain its shape afterwards. This particular property means that the tablet is well protected inside the case.

The cover of the new iPad case features integrated magnets, which enable the sleep/wake functionality of the device. Additionally, the cover can bend in several ways to deliver extensive tablet stand capabilities with a variety of viewing angles suitable for anything from watching movies to typing.

The magnetic properties of the case are also great at keeping the cover securely shut when not in used, or attached to the back of the case for comfy handheld operation. The 4.8mm thickness and 210g weight make the new case one of the slimmest and lightest iPad accessories on the market.

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