M-Edge Can Incline the iPad Mini at 360 Degrees

  • M-Edge Incline 360
  • M-Edge Incline 360 screenshot
  • Incline 360 from M-Edge

Incline 360 from M-Edge is a stylish and functional folio tablet case designed specifically for the Apple iPad Mini. The rigid microfiber leather exterior material keeps the device safe from minor bumps and bruises, while the ultra-soft microsuede interior lining prevents scratches from damaging the device’s screen.

The best feature of the Apple iPad Mini case is its 360° rotation capabilities allowing users to enjoy multiple tablet stand angles in both portrait and landscape orientations. The microsuction strip ensures the M-Edge Incline 360 stays securely fastened when the tablet is unused. All ports and buttons of the device can be accessed freely with the case on the pad.

The tablet is secured inside the case via four corner mounting straps preventing any wiggling. The M-Edge Incline 360 comes in either purple or red color. The new case is lightweight and slim, and can be placed inside a hand or a laptop bag for extra protection.

The price for this case is $44.99.

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