The iPad Mini Comes Full Circle Inside the BoxWave Swivel Stand Case

  • BoxWave Swivel Stand Case
  • BoxWave Swivel Stand Case screenshot
  • Swivel Stand Case from BoxWave

BoxWave presented Swivel Stand Case – a combination of a durable back protector and a functional cover designed for the Apple iPad Mini. The hard plastic shell of the back protector gently hugs the tablet from all sides, and the cover completes the all-round protection delivering great tablet stand functionality.

The Apple iPad Mini case provides full 360 degree rotation in the stand mode, allowing users to quickly switch from landscape to portrait orientations acquiring the viewing angel they desire. The grooves, built into the cover ensure the tablet’s stability once the needing viewing position has been reached.

All ports and buttons of the device are open to free access with the tablet inside the BoxWave Swivel Stand Case. Built-in magnets inside the cover enable the sleep/wake functionality of the device. A wide elastic band keeps the case securely fastened when the tablet is unused, preventing accidental slip outs.

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