The iPad Mini Gets a New Power Source From the Dock+

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Dock+ is an innovative tablet charging station compatible with the Apple iPad Mini and the new iPad. The project was funded through Kickstarter and is about to go into manufacturing phase. Tablet2Cases have supported the designer by pledging funds towards making the station a reality.

On top of the iPads the Dock+ also supports the iPhone 5 and the iPod touch. The new charging station eliminates the need to use charging cable all the time and instead allows users to charge their devices on a beautiful station. Docking and undocking is virtually effortless, and the bottom of the station is lined with non-slip rubber ensuring perfect stability.

The Apple iPad Mini case is crafted from a single block of steel, ensuring the device doesn’t wobble when it’s connected or disconnected from the station. The soft rubber pad eliminated the risk of scratching the device, and the new iPad case is supplied with 2 rubber pads of different density, allowing the tablet to be docked wearing a third party protective case. Naturally, the Dock+ also serves as a convenient tablet stand .

Pledges of $59 or more will get you the case.

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