The Sun Always Shines on the Notched Art iPad TV

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  • iPad TV from Notched Art screenshot

Notched Art presented iPad TV – a unique tablet stand case designed to fit all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad. Crafted as a vintage TV set, the new case provides the tablet with ultimate protection and stable multimedia viewing angle.

Each new iPad case is handmade at the time of purchase ensuring each and every item is truly unique. The top opening of the Notched Art iPad TV allows quick and easy access to the device. The tablet fits perfectly inside the Apple iPad 2 case eliminating the wobbling effect and subsequent damage risk.

All ports and buttons of the device are perfectly accessible while the tablet rests inside the Apple iPad cases. There’s also a layer of felt padding inside, providing extra protection against impacts and bumps. The speaker grill is strategically placed next to the device’s speaker directing the sound towards the user. The case is available in a multitude of color options.

The price for this case is $99.

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