Become a Spy With a Virtual Keyboard From Hammacher Schlemmer

  • Hammacher Schlemmer Virtual Keyboard
  • Hammacher Schlemmer Virtual Keyboard screenshot

Want to conjure a full-size keyboard for your tablet out of thin air? Hammacher Schlemmer has just the thing for you – the Virtual Keyboard. The neatly packed Bluetooth-operated device projects a laser-produced keyboard, compatible with any current tablet or smartphone.

The keyboard, coming out of the clever device boasts a Class II laser certification and measures a 9 3/4 inches width and 4 inches depth. Each key is 3/4 inches, recognizing your keystrokes in three dimensions with the help of an optical sensor reading finger placement on various parts of the keyboard.

The Hammacher Schlemmer Virtual Keyboard can keep up with the speediest of typists: it can cope with typing speeds of up to 400 characters/minute. The rechargeable battery has enough juice to power up the keyboard for up to 2.5 hours. The included AC/USB adapter charges the keyboard in under 1.5 hours from the wall socket, and in 3 hours from PC.

The price for this case is $199.95.

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