The iPad Mini Gains a Devil-may-care Attitude With a Case From Luvvitt

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  • Attitude from Luvvitt screenshot

Attitude from Luvvitt is a multifunctional folio tablet case designed specifically for the Apple iPad Mini. The highly durable exterior material will safeguard the device from everyday damage including impacts and scuffs, and will also protect the tablet from dirt, dust and water splashes.

The built-in magnets in the cover of the Apple iPad Mini case activate the sleep/wake function of the tablet, saving precious battery juice. The Luvvitt Attitude can also double up as a convenient tablet stand offering a multitude of viewing angles perfect for reading, typing and enjoying multimedia.

All ports and buttons of the device are open to unrestricted access with the tablet well-protected by Attitude from Luvvitt. A monochrome, black and white color scheme provides a touch of sophistication to otherwise minimalist design. Despite great protective capabilities, the case remains lightweight and slim.

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