Pomm Uncorks the New iPad With a Futuristic Case

  • Pomm iCorkcase
  • Pomm iCorkcase screenshot
  • iCorkcase from Pomm
  • iCorkcase from Pomm review
  • iCorkcase from Pomm screenshot

Pomm launched iCorkcase – a unique tablet sleeve made to fit the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The whole case is crafted from cork providing the tablet with highly durable protection from impact and shocks. Unlike various plastics, and foam-like materials, cork has fully biodegradable properties, making it one of the most ecologically friendly cases around.

The new iPad case not only protects the device from bumps and bruises, but will also shield it from water splashes, dust, and smaller debris. The one-of-a-kind faceted exterior design provides the Pomm iCorkcase with futuristic, geometric looks.

The tight fit of the case prevents the tablet from accidental slip outs, but keeps the device always at hand: pulling the tablet out of the Apple iPad 2 case takes only a couple of seconds. The manufacturer plans to produce only 4,000 units of the case, which could potentially transform it into a collector’s item.

The price for this item is $75.

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