Fisher-Price Enables Kids to Create & Learn With the New iPad Case

  • Fisher-Price Create & Learn Case

On top of the innovative Imaginext Apptivity Fortress case for children, CES 2013 has also seen Fisher-Price introducing Create & Learn Case – a unique kids case offering augmented reality to children of 3 years and older. Besides the obvious all-round protective capabilities the case offers a revolutionary software engine.

The Fisher-Price Create & Learn Case is compatible with all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad. Once the Apple iPad case is set up in a tablet stand position, kids can place an alphabet card in front of the device’s camera and the screen will animate the card creating a strong word association.

The new iPad case comes with a stylus allowing children to practice writing letters and words. And there’s also a blank canvas provided by the app’s software offering kids a chance to come up with their own unique works of arts. The Apple iPad 2 case combines protective capabilities with a never-before-seen educational environment.

The price for this item is expected at $40.

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