Enjoy Full Control of Your iPad Gaming With Audojo Case

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Audojo iPad Case is a unique tablet play case designed specifically for gamers and compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The project is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter, and Tablet2Cases have already helped the designer by pledging funds.

The new iPad case delivers the much needed physical joysticks and buttons, that have so far been missing from gaming on tablets. The combination of physical controls and touchscreen brings the gameplay to never-before-seen heights of convenience and enjoyment. The tactile feedback means perfect control and two trigger buttons provide endless possibilities besides touchscreen controls.

The Apple iPad 2 case also comes with stereo speakers that enhance the sound effects. The case includes two headphone jack allowing users to share their experiences. With the help of Apple AirPlay the games can now be enjoyed on the large TV screen, while still being controlled from the tablet with Audojo assistance.

Pledges of $55 or more will get you the case.

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