Shuky Sends the New iPad Par Avion to New Heights

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  • Par Avion from Shuky screenshot

Par Avion from Shuky is an exquisite envelope tablet cases designed to accommodate the iPad 2 and the new iPad. Crafted from genuine leather , the case is designed after the classic Manila office envelope and even features the same string and button closure, which secures the case and keeps the contents within.

The new iPad case features a layer of padding on the inside, which combined with the durability of the outer leather create enough impact protection to shield the tablet from everyday bumps and bruises. Accessing the device is easy: once the string and button lock is undone there’s only a small tab covering up the access to the case.

The Apple iPad 2 case comes in classic Manila beige or black color. The Shuky Par Avion is also available in the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro sizes. The case brings classic looks and durable materials to meet the latest technology creating a unique combination.

The price for this case is $109.

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