The New iStyles Skin Provides the iPad Mini With Beer and Skittles

  • iStyles Beer Bubbles

Beer Bubbles from iStyles is a hilarious tablet skin compatible with the iPad Mini. Designed by DecalGirl, the case transforms the iPad Mini into a beer mug. Crafted from the highest grade cast vinyl, the case not only delivers unique looks, but also protects the device from scuffs and scratches.

The Apple iPad Mini case is secured on the tablet via a special weaved adhesive, which leaves absolutely no residue if the tablet skin is ever removed. The case comes in either gloss or matte finish and is laminated to provide durable, long lasting protection. The unique design print is crafted using UV resistant ink.

Naturally, all ports and buttons of the device are open to free access with the skin attached to the tablet. The iStyles Beer Bubbles comes with a free matching background wallpaper, which completes the beer mug look. The tablet skin covers both the back and the front sides of the device.

The price for this case is $16.99.

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