Coach Your iPad 4 to Enjoy Luxurious Life Inside the Bleecker Folio

  • Coach Bleecker
  • Coach Bleecker screenshot
  • Bleecker from Coach

Tablet cases are often mass produced in order to minimize the costs, which certainly reflects on their quality and not in a good way. Coach has a different approach for their Bleecker – a splendid folio tablet case , which is handmade from glove-tanned and hand-burnished leather in order to ensure the best possible construction.

The case can accommodate any Apple tablet device as well as a range of similarly sized e-readers and tablets. The genuine leather construction of the Apple iPad 4 case not only delivers stunning, luxurious looks, but also shields the device from everyday bumps and bruises. The twill lining on the inside prevents the tablet’s screen from getting scratched and smudged.

The Coach Bleecker can fold back to provide several convenient viewing angles in the tablet stand mode. The Apple iPad 3 case is available in a number of attractive leather color shades. The Apple iPad 2 case is a must-have for anyone who values meticulous craftsmanship and genuine material utilized to guard their devices.

The price for this case is $198.

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