Free Cases Daily Week #38 – Esoterism, Mapi Cases, Sherpa, UrbanTool and more

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Week #38 of the Tablet2Cases year-long Free Cases Daily promotion is live. It’s another week worth of free tablet cases – one per day – to be given away to those who register!

Quite the wide range of tablet cases are up for grabs this week. Check out selections from the Tablet2Cases supply in high-grade leather or rubbery Lego-like block format; we’ve got keyboard cases and folios; and models in general for Apple iPads, iPad Minis, 10” and 11” tablets.

Scroll down for our exclusive selection of Free Cases Daily for this week. Following descriptions of the seven free prizes are the super-easy rules for entry. Win yourself a best case scenario for your tablet this week from Tablet2Cases!

1. Esoterism Moat-2 Apple iPad 2/3/4 Aluminum Back Protector with Handle

Price: $189.00
Rating: 4.3

High-quality aluminum and carbon fiber make the Esoterism Moat-2 among the very best and most resilient tablet shells. The extremely lightweight aluminum body with anodized finish is super firm and keeps things secure, while the carrying handles also serve as a tablet stand for viewing and/or display.

Esoterism Moat-2

2. The Sherpa Magnetic Apple iPad Mini Folio w/ Shoulder Strap in Black

Price: $39.99
Rating: 4.3

The exterior of the Sherpa Magnetic folio is made of nice faux-leather and the shoulder strap is a serious plus, but it’s the excellent, truly multiple-angle stand in the folio tablet case which is the really outstanding feature. With Velcro lock and a pad, the interior bezel frame can literally be set at any viable viewing angle imaginable.

Sherpa Magnetic

3. Mapi Cases Kolossa iPad 2/3/4 Leather Folio in Red

Price: $150
Rating: 4.1

Genuine leather-lovers will adore the Mapi Cases Kolossa folio; the exterior made of the top-grade leather is shaped in the Smart Cover style and iPad owners will note that all cutouts are in place and access is no problem. The bezel fits tightly and hold firm enough that fully covers the device against bumps, dings, dirt and scratches, and perhaps even a few minor accidental drops as well.

Mapi Cases Kolossa

4. M-Edge Incline Jacket Apple iPad 2/3/4 Folio Case in Carbon Fiber Black

Price: $49.99
Rating: 4.5

The M-Edge Incline Jacket for the Apple iPad is a best (of several worlds) case scenario, combining the style of a folio case with a handy tablet stand and some good protection representative of a rugged & tough case. With the help of some small screws – included with the case – the Incline Jacket may even be set on display with the uView Mounting System.

M-Edge Incline Jacket

5. UrbanTool SlySkin iPad/10"-11" Tablet Sleeve in Black

Price: $39
Rating: 3.9

The UrbanTool SlySkin is a notably durable neoprene sleeve with a sharp-looking design that sets it apart from the standard tablet sleeve. The material makeup consists of a synthetic neoprene body (80% polyamide and 20% lycra materials) with a plush velvet-like interior and elasticized cover flap, all working to make good protection for the iPad against bumps, dirt, dust, scratches and splashes of water.

UrbanTool SlySkin

6. Cooper Aluminum Buddy Apple iPad Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Dock in Black

Price: $35.95
Rating: 3.3

Mount the iPad Mini steadily to approximate a laptop with the Cooper Buddy keyboard tablet case – except the user can also go portrait mode as well. The Buddy Bluetooth keyboard is a full-on QWERTY-style also doubling as a nicely angled stand. The incorporated Bluetooth connectivity can also makes it compatible with other Bluetooth devices from up to 10 meters. The lithium battery makes for working time of up to 55 hours.

Cooper Aluminum Buddy

7. Cooper Blocks Apple iPad 2/3/4 Silicone Folio Case in Orange

Price: $24.95
Rating: 3.3

Attention, Lego lovers! Cooper’s silicone case approximates the design of the classic studded blocks and uses the rubbery material for great function and protection. This raised-peg surface acts almost like a rugged case, absorbing the shock to protect the iPad against even serious drops. The Cooper Blocks folio also includes dual-strap locks for secure case closure and contains an embedded magnet for auto sleep/wake function.

Cooper Blocks

Competition Information

Duration: June 24 06:00AM EST – July 01 05:59AM EST
For visitors in Europe, its June 24 12:00PM CET – July 01 11:59AM CET

Registration is FREE

Prize Selection: Choose your favorite case from among the 7 displayed prizes.

How to Win: Select your case & get automatic entry into the draw. Increase your number of entries by completing extra tasks.

Winner: The winner is picked at random. There are 7 winners each week. Winners will be notified by email within 48 hours. Prizes will be shipped by post to the provided address.

And that’s all there is to it. Good luck from Tablet2Cases to all participants in our Free Cases Daily promotion – may you win your best case scenario this week!
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