Givenchy Combines Shark Teeth and Flowers to Shield the iPad 4

  • Givenchy Shark & Flower
  • Givenchy Shark & Flower review

Putting an unusual print on the front of a tablet case can sometimes transform it into a unique accessory. Givenchy has certainly learned this trick, and their latest tablet sleeve – Shark & Flower – delivers a rare combination of a shark jaw print on one side, and a flower print on the other.

The sleeve is designed to fit the iPad 2 and the later generations of Apple tablets. The genuine leather material offers luxurious looks, but also serves as a durable enough protector, shielding the device from minor bruises and scuffs the tablet owners may encounter during their busy days.

There’s no locking mechanism on the iPad 4 case, but its tight fit ensures the tablet won’t slip out accidentally. A small cut out on the top of the iPad 3 case ensures the device can be taken out of the Givenchy Shark & Flower in a matter of seconds. The iPad 2 case is a perfect accessories for those rebels at heart looking to shield their tablets with an unusual sleeve.

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