Yanko Design to Allow Cyclists to Use Their Tablets With the iBackpack

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Ever wondered how you can use your tablet while speeding through the city on a bicycle? Yanko Design have just presented their idea – iBackpack – a concept of a great tablet backpack compatible with all Apple tablets and other similarly sized devices.

The main feature of the iPad 4 case is its transparent window on the back, via which the tablet can transmit any desired message to anyone riding or driving behind the owner. The designer suggest there will be a specific app to go with the iPad 3 case, which will allow the tablet to sync with a smartphone using which the cyclists will be able to signal their next move.

The Yanko Design iBackpack can also be used as a rear view mirror, transmitting whatever the tablet’s camera sees onto the smartphone. Naturally, the iPad 2 case is to come with all the necessary backpack bells and whistles including a shoulder strap, a multitude of pockets, and a durable exterior to keep the tablet safe.

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