Tapegear Shreds Waste Material to Pieces Protecting the iPad 4

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  • Shred from Tapegear review

Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind tablet sleeve? Check out the Shred from Tapegear created by Ryan Frank, an award-winning designer. The case is crafted from 100% recycled textile waste material and can accommodate any Apple iPad model as well as a wide range of similarly sized devices.

The recycled fabric of the iPad 4 case not only means organic and eco-friendly material, but also a fresh and original approach to tablet protection. The exterior of the iPad 3 case is durable enough to withstand minor bumps and bruises, while the soft interior lining is perfect for shielding the screen from scratches.

A subtle tab closure with a button lock secures the Tapegear Shred when the tablet is not in use and keeps the iPad 2 case closed preventing accidental slip outs. The sleeve will certainly appeal to all tablet owners concerned with preserving the environment.

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