Tommy Reed Teams Up With 7decibels to Create the iPad Mini Sabine

  • Tommy Reed x 7decibels Sabine
  • Tommy Reed x 7decibels Sabine review
  • Tommy Reed x 7decibels Sabine screenshot
  • Sabine from Tommy Reed x 7decibels

Sometimes the sounds coming out of the iPad are just not loud enough. There are a couple of different solutions to this problem including sophisticated and bulky tablet speaker docks, and much more simple sound amplifiers. The latest one – Sabine – comes as a result of collaboration between 7decibels and Tommy Reed. The project is still seeking funding at Kickstarter, and Tablet2Cases has done its part by pledging.

The new case is designed to fit the iPad Mini and provide a rich, crisp amplified sound for everything an iPad does. The Tommy Reed x 7decibels Sabine attaches to the tablet via a revolutionary adhesive, which can be removed and reattached over and over. The case is crafted from the same high-quality aluminum the tablet itself is made.

Sabine undergoes anodization, the same process Apple is applying to its products in order to ensure the aluminum stays as new for longer periods of time. The iPad Mini case not only redirects the sounds from the side-facing speaker directly at the user, but also offers stunning looks, which are a continuation of the Apple design itself.

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