Free Cases Daily Week #50 – Wardmaster, Woodford Design, Evouni, Cooper Cases, more

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Week #50 of the Tablet2Cases year-long Free Cases Daily promotion is live. It’s another week’s worth of free tablet cases – one per day – to be given away to those who register!

The Apple iPad and other 10” tablet models are particularly catered to this week in Free Cases Daily, with a wide range of styles up for grabs this week, including envelope tablet cases, folios, tablet sleeves and one battery power case definitely worth the consideration of iPad 2 and 3 users.

Scroll down for our exclusive selection of Free Cases Daily for this week. Following descriptions of the seven free prizes are the super-easy rules for entry. Win yourself a best case scenario for your tablet this week from Tablet2Cases!

1. Cooper Pulse Apple iPad 2/3 Battery Power Case in white

Price: $69.95
Rating: 4.1

Now polycarbonate is always strong and tough, but the Cooper Pulse battery tablet case has some of toughest polycarbonate that’s come down the pike at Tablet2Cases. Not only is great protection provided, but the battery is touted as supplying up to 180 hours of use on a single charge – surely meaning with no or extremely little use, but we know for a fact that this case can provide more than 1½ times the battery life of the standalone Apple iPad 2 or 3.

Cooper Pulse

2. Woodford Design FridgePad Universal iPad Magnetic Mount in white

Price: $55
Rating: 3.9

Simplicity plus sturdiness equals one winning magnetic tablet case by Woodford Design. The rubberized plastic frame of this case is nicely durable, holding the iPad in place by way of clips in the corners. Strong magnets keep the iPad firmly affixed to the refrigerator (or any metallic surface, really) while also allowing easy removal. Note, too, that the tablet encased in the Woodford Design Magnetic Mount may be toted in an 11” or 12” tablet bag.

Woodford Design FridgePad

3. Evouni Apple iPad/9” Tablet Envelope Case

Price: $55
Rating: 4.1

Talk about your repurposing: Evouni riffs on the classic office circulation-style envelope’s design (you know, from the days before email and the paper-free office) for a convenient and easy-to-carry tablet case. It’s even made of paper … well, sort of. Actually, the Evouni envelope tablet case is actually comprised of eco-friendly tear- and water-resistant Kraft Paper reinforced with high-pressure suturing. *Way* tougher and more durable – but just as light! – as standard stuff.

Evouni Tablet Envelope Case

4. Cooper Posta Apple iPad 2/3/4 Folio Paris Regards

Price: $34.95
Rating: 3.9

The Cooper Posta iPad folio case line offers solid protection, a decent tablet stand and interesting exterior pattern design; this case is no exception, taking the user to Paris – with Regards. The polyurethane leather cover is nicely scratch- and water-resistant and closes up with strong embedded magnets. For a tablet stand, the frame slides easily over to rest almost anywhere on the folded-out inner cover.

Cooper Posta

5. Luckies Undercover Apple iPad/10” Envelope Case

Price: $23
Rating: 3.6

The “Undercover” bit of this tablet case’s brand name touts this average looking Manila envelope as a high-tech master of deception. Employed in arsenal in this envelope tablet case is durable Tyvek material, a tough, breathable, tear- and splash-resistant synthetic fiber, on the exterior plus silk-like fabric interior and polyurethane foam between them for good everyday protection.

Luckies Uundercover

6. Wardmaster Zen Apple iPad 2 Folio Case

Price: $44.95
Rating: 4.0

One of the tablet case universe’s most well-known names in reliable protective accessories goes Zen with this iPad folio. The Wardmaster Zen won’t notably increase the iPad’s size and weight a trace, but its combination of TDS technology material and microfiber cloth interior can be counted on for all around shock-absorption and scratch-proof protection. While shielding your device, the Zen brings functionality as well with a tablet stand that allows positioning of the tablet at various angles for viewing.

Wardmaster Zen

7. Angry Birds Themed Apple iPad/10” Tablet Sleeve

Price: $27.95
Rating: 3.6

Any generation iPad or 10” tablet can get allied with those resourceful Angry Birds in this neoprene tablet sleeve. The furry cotton interior lining and dual zipper locks make for secure carrying; though you wouldn’t necessarily want to, say, launch your embedded device at a drove of snickering pigs, this tablet sleeve is certainly one cost-efficient solution for the everyday.

Angry Birds Themed Sleeve

Competition Information

Duration: September 17 06:00AM EST – September 24 05:59AM EST
For visitors in Europe, it's September 17 12:00PM CET – September 24 11:59AM CET

Registration is FREE

Prize Selection: Choose your favorite case from among the 7 displayed prizes.

How to Win: Select your case & get automatic entry into the draw. Increase your number of entries by completing extra tasks.

Winner: The winner is picked at random. There are 7 winners each week. Winners will be notified by email within 48 hours. Prizes will be shipped by post to the provided address.

And that’s all there is to it. Good luck from Tablet2Cases to all participants in our Free Cases Daily promotion – may you win your best case scenario this week!
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