Ryan Receives a Hand-knitted Sleeve From Phyllis in The Office S07E11

The Office iPad Sleeve

TV show producers are in love with tablet devices and we couldn’t agree more with them. The latest tablet case spotting from Tablet2Cases comes in the S07E11 of the Office, a natural setting for tablets and their accessories. Ryan (played by B.J. Novak) unwraps his Christmas present from Phyllis (played by Phyllis Vance) and sees a knitted felt tablet sleeve.

The iPad and its sleeve appear amidst the whole office exchanging Christmas gifts varying from chocolates to UGGs. The sleeve Ryan receives seems to be hand-knitted by Phyllis from natural, green-colored wool. The iPad case bears Pisces RYAN inscription, a clear reference to his Zodiac sign, and a picture of a fish if anyone had any doubts. Although the case covers the iPad from all sides, it will hardly protect it from damage given the thin and soft nature of the wool. Something like Mujjo Originals Collection would’ve been a much practical choice, even though the handmade present always has a huge personal appeal. Ryan’s new case has the following features:

  • Soft material meaning scratch protection for the iPad’s screen

  • All-round device coverage protecting it from dust, dirt and small debris

  • Ultra-light weight

  • Absence of locks and closure allowing easy access to the tablet


    The Office is a highly popular TV series, which was running on NBC network for nine seasons since 2005 ending in May this year. The show was headlined by Steve Carell, who also produced 102 episodes of it. The series is a re-make of a hit British show broadcasted on BBC. The Office was shot as a mock-documentary, depicting a typical American office workplace with all its drama, funny and inappropriate behavior, love affairs, and just about anything that happens at work.

    The Office iPad Sleeve review Ryan is very happy to receive a hand-knitted iPad sleeveThe Office iPad Sleeve screenshot The sleeve is lightweight and slim, adding no unnecessary bulk to the deviceiPad Sleeve in The Office The sleeve’s open-end provides quick and easy access to the tabletiPad Sleeve in The Office review If needs be, the case can be packed neatly without taking up much space
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