Alex Nevsky Reaches 5G Speed Describing Tablet Cases

Angry Alex week 12

It’s that time of the week again when I, Angry Alex, tell you what’s good and what’s not so much in the world of tablet cases. This time I’ve had lots of issues with the way certain cases look. Despite sporting pretty good features, some of them don’t live up to expectations design-wise. Let’s check them out.

The Greenwich Artisan from Cole Haan is a good case, don’t get me wrong, there’s stunning leather construction, and a safe pouch for tablet to rest in. There’s also a small leather tab with a button lock to keep the case secured when no one is using the device. However, I feel that the exterior design is just plain boring, an attractive print or simply a couple of contracting lines would help it look better.

Cole Haan Greenwich Artisan Well-built case with some functional features, but unfortunately lacking attractiveness in design

ZAGG are back with another keyboard tablet case, this time it’s the ZAGGkeys Cover for the iPad Air. Well, again they claim it’s the slimmest, the lightest, the most bad-ass of them all. It makes me wonder if it’s the same person designing all of their cases, because they all look like twins. Surely a bit of creative though couldn’t hurt the looks.

ZAGG ZAGGkeys Cover Great iPad Air tablet keyboard case, but looks pretty similar to old versions

I don’t know how simple you like your cases, as for me I prefer a bit of sophistication in my life. The SnapView from CaseLogic is as simple as it gets. It’s a folio tablet case constructed as a hard back shell with a soft cover part. It delivers an integrated stand feature and an elastic strap lock, but that’s it. I wouldn’t have minded a couple of pockets or a hand strap to be honest.

CaseLogic SnapView Simple tablet folio case with a couple of functions, but nothing special

The one that really caught my attention this week was the Airbender Air from NewTrent. This iPad Air keyboard comes with extra durable design and stunning matte finish. Yes, it’s tablet keyboard case, but it’s very slim and lightweight and comes with an added benefit of water splashes, dirt and debris protection. The feature I liked the most is the genius design of the integrated stand. Bravo!

NewTrent Airbender Air Cool design, durable materials, extremely functional, what else do we want?

I know it might be still far away, but it seems like the 5G wireless service is slowly moving to reality. Apparently, South Korean science ministry will be shelling out $1.5 billion on a plan to test out and introduce the next gen wireless network. Just so you know, the 5G will allow 800MB movies to be downloaded in 1 second. The service is expected to be available to the South Korean population by 2020, and reach the rest of the world a bit later. Guess I’ll have to cancel my dial-up subscription soon…

5G wireless network South Korea to spend $1.5 billion on testing and introducing the 5G wireless network by 2020

Andy Murray may have failed to win the Australian Open once again, losing out to his pal Roger Federer in the quarter-finals. However, Andy has always been photographed to death by the fans. It might be his charming smile or his always excellently done hair, I’m not sure, but he is the target for anyone with a camera. One fan has even whooped out an iPad to snap a pic of Andy, unfortunately she didn’t use a case to protect her device, and you can see it’s already dented at one of the corners. Remember: always protect your tablet with a case no matter if you’re photographing Andy Murray or reading a book!

Andy Murray photographed from iPad Andy Murray is being photographed by a fan using an iPad camera
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