Angry Alex Amazed by Koenigsegg and Razer Gaming Laptop

Angry Alex week 16

It’s that time of the week again when ugly cases get ousted and ridiculed, while the worthy ones receive their well-deserved praise. Take a journey with me, Angry Alex, to find out why some tablet accessories can only hardly be called respectable cases and why others lead the popularity rankings.

Maison Martin Margiela offers Portfolio Case With iPad Pocket. First of all their marketing guys need to rethink their approach to branding, but that’s a completely different story. The folio tablet case sports a shabby two-tone design and two compartments on the inside, pretty basic considering the asking price. The only thing that saves the folio is its high-quality zipper lock.

Expensive case with very little to show for the prize, two interior compartments and a zipper lock

Maison Martin Margiela Portfolio Case With iPad Pocket review Expensive case with very little to show for the prize, two interior compartments and a zipper lock

The Tablet Case from Wild & Wolf, thank you for not confusing us, is far from being wild. Yes, it’s a classic envelope construction, but instead of the genuine leather, they’ve used faux-leather, and the felt is not all that premium. There are no pockets, but the magnetic button lock saves the face of the envelope a little bit.

Wild & Wolf Tablet Case Simple envelope case with faux-leather inserts instead of the genuine one and a normal wool felt body

The Folio-Slide from ZeroChroma is a nice case don’t get me wrong. It sports a unique design and a very good integrated stand feature, which can be rotated from landscape orientation to portrait one. However, the sides of the case look pretty slim, creating an overall feeling that this case is not very protective, such a shame.

ZeroChroma Folio-Slide review Functional case with revolutionary integrated stand solutions, but doesn’t look very safe

The only case that caught my attention this week was the Burberry London Leather. And although it’s a designer tablet case with exuberant price tag it actually looks very good and offers great functions. There are studs on the front, which are not only there for design purposes, but for better grippability too. The tablet is kept inside a special pouch providing extra safety. Not a bad job, Burberry!

Burberry London Leather Tablet designer case with surprisingly great looks and useful functions inside and outside

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is out, there’s also a couple of new devices from LG, Nokia, and even HTC have revealed the “all-new” One flagship, but that’s old news already. In an interesting twist of fate Razer partnered up with Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg, which resulted in an awesome gaming laptop – Razer Blade. Dell and their Alienware devices are shivering uncomfortably.

Koenigsegg and Razer laptop Razer and Koenigsegg produce an ultra-powerful, awesome-looking gaming laptop
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