Neutron S From Ananda Svarupa Das Will Mount the iPads Everywhere

  • Ananda Svarupa Das Neutron S

Ananda Svarupa Das has successfully raised enough money through Kickstarter to launch his Neutron S smartphone and tablet mount. Tablet2Cases is proud to say that our pledge has also helped make this project a reality. The mount is only one of the selection of tablet and smartphone accessories the designer will be launching. The Neutron S peculiarity lies in the fact that it can be attached to any metallic surface without adhesive or mounted with the 3M VHB tape to any other surfaces. The case uses the same adhesive to latch onto the device, but it’s recommended to use an attachment disc between the mount and the device for extra stability and safety.

Small and compact design makes the case perfect for any environment and a wide range of devices
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