Angry Alex Warns Tablet Owners Not to Confuse Warmer for iPad Sleeves

Angry Alex Week 18

The spring is here, girls are starting to shorten the skirts they wear, but Angry Alex is still sharp as ever. Looking through this week’s tablet case offerings, I noticed a positive dynamics in design improvement. As if some of the case makers heard me and decided to invest a bit more in the looks of the cases they produce. But still, there are some pretty ugly items, check them out with me.

The UltraSlim from Sena is thin, no doubt about it. The sleeve is as minimalist as it gets: basic protection, soft interior minimizing scratches, and genuine leather. Basically we don’t need much more to keep the iPad Mini safe. But what is that thing sticking out at the bottom of the case? It only reminds me of the warmer my granny use to fill with water to stop her back pains.

Sena UltraSlim Spot 10 differences between the latest iPad Mini sleeve and a plain ol’ warmer

Thom Browne launched the iPad Holder. I can only ask: “is this the 70s, we’re living in?” I can understand the genuine leather appeal and the tablet pouch on the inside, but that thing they call the lock… Why do I need to have a key to open my iPad case? Ebenezer Scrooge would definitely love this one if he had an iPad to protect.

Thom Browne iPad Holder Genuine leather folio tablet case with an inexplicably complicated and cumbersome lock design

The Dakota from CoFi is something else entirely. I love how they label the leather themselves: “hair-on”. Well, it’s hairy, that’s what it is. A must have for cowboys and respected Indian Chiefs, but I wouldn’t exactly take it to a Wall Street meeting with me, or anywhere else for that matter.

CoFi Dakota Intriguing tablet sleeve case made from hair-on leather with questionable appeal

Well amidst all these “interestingly” looking cases I’ve found one, which deserves extra attention. The Slim Fit from Mujjo is crafted from a single piece of leather, resulting in a minimalist design with a twist. The wrapping construction also allowed the makers to include a small pocket on the outside, which is big enough to fit some accessories or documents. Nice job, Mujjo, I think I’m gonna order one.

Mujjo Slim Fit Wrap around design from a single leather piece, makes this tablet sleeve good-looking and functional

One of the biggest techie rumors these days is the elusive Amazon smartphone. According to some sources the five-inch full HD device will bring great functionality at a fraction of the price Apple and Samsung are asking for their flagship phones. While its release date is still uncertain, rumors put the following specs inside the Amazon phone: Snapdragon 800 CPU, 13MP camera, 3D gesture, and even eye-tracking.

Kindle phone Amazon is expected to launch a smartphone device sometime this year

The Formula 1 is back for the 2014 season this weekend. The first Grand Prix takes place in Melbourne, and surprise-surprise, Sebastian Vettel is no the favorite to win this time. Red Bulls had a bit of an upset, failing to prepare a car to match the Mercedes. Perhaps some of the new FIA regulations are also to blame. But take a look at Sebastian playing on his iPad. We only wish he’d protect it with at least a folio, those paddock environments are dangerous, you know.

Vettel and ipad Sebastian Vettel doesn’t use a tablet case to protect his iPad from damage
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