Nik Conomos Offers a Unique Way to Mount Tablets With Ultima S

  • Nik Conomos Ultima S
  • Nik Conomos Ultima S review

Nik Conomos has already reached the necessary funding goals to put his Ultima S into mass production. Tablet2Case have also helped make the universal tablet car mount a reality with their pledge. The case is compatible with a wide range of smartphones and tablet devices. The case is crafted from high-grade aluminum offering durable construction and sleek looks. The suction cup has been used on the predecessor, and has proven to be tough and strong, withstanding a variety of weather conditions. The front pad can latch onto any tablet’s or phone’s back including inside the third-party cases.

Compact and stylish design offering secure and stable mounting options
High-quality ball-joint allows users to choose an angle their desire
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