Top 5 Waterproof Cases for the iPad Mini

  • The Joy Factory BubbleShield
  • Proporta BeachBuoy Collection
  • Cooper Submarine
  • The Joy Factory aXtion Bold
  • LifeProof Nuud

With the summer season in full swing, tablet owners are looking for the best protection to keep their devices safe near the water. A number of manufacturers have spent countless hours designing and testing the best waterproof tablet cases, to keep the devices safe from water by the sea or by the pool. Naturally, these cases can also be used elsewhere, to protect the tablet from splash damage. Let’s take a look at the top 5 waterproof cases made for the iPad Mini.

5. The Joy Factory BubbleShield

The BubbleShield from The Joy Factory is the simplest water protection the iPad Mini can get. This tablet sleeve is made from transparent material, and is sealed via double zipper lock. You can’t exactly take it diving, but it will shield the tablet from water splashes at the beach or on the kitchen counter. The case comes with sound-resonating chambers allowing users to enjoy its speakers without taking the tablet out. It’s fully touch sensitive ensuring full control, and camera can be used just as easily as without any case on the device. There’s also a reinforced holder ring allowing easy attachment to carabiner, lanyard, etc.

Buy it now from The Joy Factory for $19.95

Simple tablet sleeve with waterproof capabilities and full functionality – The Joy Factory BubbleShield

4. Proporta BeachBuoy Collection

Proporta offers a wide range of waterproof accessories: from large tablets to smartphones. The iPad Mini, naturally, falls into the medium size of the BeachBuoy Collection. Despite its seemingly simple design, the case has passed IP58 standards, meaning it can be submerged up to 5 meters and no harm will befall the tablet. The sleeve comes with an effective grip seal system keeping the water away. There are four eyelets and a lanyard ensuring any possible attachment and comfy mobility. The water-tightness is reinforced by two click seals and a Velcro strip. All functions of the tablet are fully accessible while inside the case

Buy it now from Proporta for $26.95

Proporta BeachBuoy Collection meets the IP58 waterproof standards and comes with a lanyard for easy mobility

3. Cooper Submarine

A more sophisticated tablet waterproof case for the iPad Mini comes from Cooper. The Submarine is rated IP68, meaning one of the highest possible water and dust protection. Its two-piece construction also ensures the tablet is protected against bumps and bruises on top of water and debris. Ports and buttons are covered by built-in plugs, which can be removed when direct access is needed. The case is a perfect all-round outdoor companion for the iPad Mini.

Buy it now for 34.95

Cooper Submarine offers a combination of tough impact protection with dust and water safety

2. The Joy Factory aXtion Bold

Another great waterproof tablet case from The Joy Factory is named aXtion Bold. The case combines lightweight and slim construction with shockproof and waterproof capabilities, making it one of the most versatile accessories on the market. There’s a built-in screen protector and a shoulder strap included in the package, offering several ways to carry and wear the case.

Buy it now from The Joy Factory for $49.95

Slim and lightweight case capable of water and shock protection – The Joy Factory aXtion Bold

1. LifeProof Nuud

The Nuud from LifeProof is arguably the best waterproof tablet case for the iPad Mini. Incidentally it’s also one of the most unusual: it doesn’t have a screen protector, but still keeps the tablet safe from water and shocks. The case delivers perfect all-round protection designed to withstand most damage, which might come the iPad’s way. There’s also a long list of optional accessories available for the case and designed to make the tablet owner’s life a lot easier.

Buy it now from LifeProof for $119.99

Multi-functional tablet waterproof case with a long list of accessories and unusual screenless design – LifeProof Nuud
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