Top 5 iPad Air Envelope Cases

  • Shinola Envelope for iPad
  • Timbuk2 Custom Envelope Sleeve
  • The Beta Version Ida
  • Burberry London Leather
  • Michael Kors Michael

Among thousands of different iPad Air cases some styles really stand out. Envelope tablet cases sport classic, time-proved design, and most of them manage to combine great looks with durable protection for the device inside. Not all cases can be considered winners, but we’ve tried to select the top 5 envelope cases for the iPad Air and are now sharing this collection with our readers.

5. Shinola Envelope for iPad

One of the most stylish leather envelope cases comes from Shinola. They didn’t spend much time coming up with a catchy name, settling for simply Envelope for iPad. However, the case exceeds expectations when it comes to craftsmanship quality. Each and every case is individually numbered to underline its exclusivity. There’s a snap button lock on the flap, keeping the envelope securely fastened when not in use.

Buy it now from Shinola for $165

Shinola Envelope for iPad offers genuine leather construction, a button lock, and a small card slot on the inside

4. Timbuk2 Custom Envelope Sleeve

Available in three different sizes the Custom Envelope Sleeve from Timbuk2 can accommodate both small and big tablets like iPad Air, as well as smaller laptops. The key word about this tablet sleeve is custom – it can be fine-tuned by buyers themselves with different colors and patterns, as well as different fabrics. The case comes with peripheral binding for extra impact protection.

Buy it now from Timbuk2 for $39

Customizable tablet envelope case with up to three patches of Velcro lock – Timbuk2 Custom Envelope Sleeve

3. The Beta Version Ida

The Ida from The Beta Version is one of those examples when centuries-old traditions are co-existing perfectly with the modern tech. The envelope tablet case features unique folk pattern giving it a truly one-of-a-king look. The case is crafted from genuine leather, which offers both classy looks and sturdy protection. Strap closure is complemented by a buckle and button lock. Compatible with a wide range of tablets.

Buy it now for $79.95

The Beta Version Ida brings traditional folk design pattern to a classy-looking and durable tablet envelope case

2. Burberry London Leather

The London Leather from Burberry serves as a classic example of a luxurious designer tablet case. This envelope is handmade from premium grainy London leather, which shields it from everyday harm and oozes luxurious looks. There’s a slip pocket on the back for the most important things. The fold-over flap features built-in magnetic lock. The case fits the iPad Air and other similarly sized devices. The only disadvantage is of course the exuberant price.

Buy it now from Burberry for $450

Classy tablet designer case made in genuine leather and offering a slip pocket and a magnetic lock – Burberry London Leather

1. Michael Kors Michael

Available directly from the Apple App Store the Michael tablet envelope case from Michael Kors is a designer tablet case with a twist. It looks and opens like an envelope, but in fact it’s a portfolio tablet case with lots of pockets and integrated stand. Being handmade from exclusive Saffiano leather didn’t affect its price, keeping in in affordable limits considering its designer nature. All of the ports and buttons are open to free access within the case. A true winner for both business and casual use.

Buy it now from Apple for $149.95

Michael from Michael Kors is a tablet envelope case which functions as a portfolio with pockets, slots, and integrated stand
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