Tablets Enjoy Rotating Freedom Offered by the Lynktec 360 Grip Stand

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Lynktec is offering an innovative tablet stand for those tablet users, who only need to prop up their tablets once in a while and don’t need a bulky case for that. The 360 Grip Stand comes with microsuction technology, which ensures the case grips right onto any tablet device out there and delivers a multitude of viewing angles instantly. What makes microsuction perfect for these purposes is the fact that it can be removed and reused as many times as needed without leaving any residue on the device. There’s also a fully adjustable hinge and a swivel head, which combined provide a range of angles and rotation capabilities.

About Lynktec:
At LYNKtec, we have a passion for gadgets, gizmos, and all things tech. In an ever-evolving world that is more tech-savvy than ever, we strive to push the design envelope to deliver innovative and useful touchscreen products on the market that our customers will love.

Established in 2011, LYNKtec is a Chicago-based company whose members bring years of successful product design experience from the cellular marketplace. Our knowledge and expertise of these emerging technologies allows us to deliver innovative accessories that will "LYNK" your technology.

Compact and lightweight tablet stand with innovative microsuction technology and multiple rotating viewing angles – Lynktec 360 Grip Stand

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