Clutch the iPad Mini 3 With Genuine Leather Sleeve from Viveo

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Viveo presented iPad Mini 3 Clutch – an exquisite-looking tablet sleeve designed for the iPad Mini 3, but compatible with the other two versions as well. Crafted from premium suede nubuck leather, the case not only offers luxurious looks, but also acts as a layer of decent impact protection between the tablet and the outside world. Soft interior lining takes care of scratches and smudges, but the case is big enough to fit the tablet with the Smart Cover attached too. There’s a secure zipper lock to keep the sleeve shut, and a small lanyard offering a comfy way to carry it around. The maker offers great personalization options with up to 15 letters of monogramming.

About Viveo:
Hand crafted personalized leather camera straps, cases, clutches, tote bags and accessories. Viveo is specialized in custom and monogrammed high quality leather products to make them unique for each customer. All our items are hand made by us in our house outside Odessa city. We are all involved in a design and manufacturing process from beginning to end. All materials are handpicked and some are specifically ordered such as leather.

What comes to leather it is produced specially for us on an old tannery and it is full grain only. Each color is developed in a close collaboration with colorist and leather manufacturer. When leather comes to us, it matches all the characteristics we need. We work 6 days a week for about 10 hours a day. In our production we use only eco-friendly materials. All of our products can be personalized this make them even more special for our customers.

Luxurious tablet sleeve made from genuine leather and featuring a zipper lock and a comfy lanyard – Viveo iPad Mini 3 Clutch

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