3 Apps Teachers Need for In and Out of the Classroom


As of 2014 one-third of U.S. students used a school issued mobile device, with 50 percent of high school and 61 percent of middle school students using tablets at school. With all the tech available in schools today, it is important for teachers to have the resources necessary to keep up. This is where mobile apps come in. Not only do they help keep students and teachers organized, but they have the power to change the way students learn.

Check out 3 apps that will help teachers in and out of the classroom.




Dropbox is a free application that makes it easy for teachers to store all their classroom material in one place. Teachers can upload photos, presentations, assignments and videos in Dropbox and easily share them with students via a link. Students can then access the file on their mobile device or computer at home or in the classroom.

Dropbox also helps reduce the amount of storage being used on a device or computer, because documents can be deleted once safely added to the app. Microsoft Office files can also be created or edited through Dropbox on a mobile device. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows.




Educreations is an interactive whiteboard where teachers and students can create video presentations and share them via email, Twitter, Youtube and even Dropbox. Users can record audio, upload photos, draw animations, create graphs, or add webpages right in the app. Educreations records the audio and captures the tablet screen in real time, creating a tutorial that can be used in or outside the classroom.

An in app video editor makes it easy to edit out mistakes without having to record the video again. Presentations can be saved as drafts to be worked on later and get securely stored in the cloud, saving space on the tablet for other data. Educreations is free and available exclusively for iOS.




Teaching is a 24 hour job, which means teachers need to be ready when a new idea strikes. Enter Pocket an app that lets users save information they find on the web in one location. Then, when they want to use it later, it is easy to find. Teachers can save videos, articles and other web content from the websites and apps like Twitter, Poki and Flipboard.

Once saved in Pocket all the information is available across devices and without an Internet connection. This is a great app for teachers who are constantly looking for new information and ways to teach their students. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.


With more mobile devices in the classroom than ever before it is important teachers have the necessary resources to stay relevant. The three mobile apps mentioned do just that, by giving them a way to store class work, save new information and create presentations they can use for years to come. Teachers who choose to download these apps will see benefits both in and out of the classroom.

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