3 of the Weirdest Tablet Apps on the Market

Weirdest-Tablet-AppsThe beauty of mobile technology is that that you can do anything you need from anywhere you are. So many apps exist for practical purposes like renting a car, learning a language, or connecting with friends. However, for as many useful apps there are, there are just as many strange apps.


This is not to say some people won’t find them useful and worth the download. While their niche is very small, the right person may just be interested enough to search them out. Check out 3 of the weirdest apps you can actually download.





Spoonr, formerly named Cuddlr, is a dating app for people interested in cuddling. Search for people in your area who want to cuddle, chat with them and if you’re interested, meet up for a cuddle session. Like someone you cuddled with? Request to cuddle again. It is a free app for iOS and Android and while some may find it creepy others love it. You decide where you land on the creepy or cute scale.



Demotivational Pics


While some may want their apps to motivate them, others want the opposite. Demotivational Pics is an app with more than 40,000 funny demotivational posters. Use the app to get laughs, rate your favorite posters, share them on social media, or create your own demotivational pictures. When you think things can’t get worse, Demotivational Pics will remind you they can. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.





Have you ever been watching a movie and needed to pee but didn’t want to miss anything good? Then you need RunPee. The app works by finding 3-5 minutes intervals in movies that going pee won’t make you miss anything vital in the plot. Start the in-app timer when the movie starts and wait for your phone to vibrate at the best bathroom break times. Then get a short synopsis of what you missed while you were away from the TV or movie theater.


However, that isn’t all. RunPee will also tell you if there is an extra scene after the end credits. This app may seem weird, but it can be extremely useful, especially during long movies. The best part, it works on iOS and Android.



These are just 3 of the weirdest apps on the market today. Many more exist from an app that allows you to add cats to paintings. To another the lets friend race each other to see who runs out of toilet paper first. Whatever you are into there is probably an app for that.


Have a weird app you love? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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