WaterField Designs Outback MS Surface Pro 3 / 11" - 12" Tablet Sleeve (Fully-Loaded) review


The MS Surface Pro 3 is a serious tablet and therefore you'll probably want to ensure its protection for the long haul. Good news, WaterField Designs has created an Outback Sleeve model especially made for this valuable device (Though it's also suitable for use with any other like-sized 11" - 12" tablet). The tablet sleeve uses high-grade neoprene, waxed canvas and genuine leather materials that not only defend well but also provide a smart look. Additionally, with included feature upgrades the modest tablet sleeve transforms into a more purposeful messenger bag-like carrying system.

Editor's Rating 

WaterField Designs offers their Outback sleeve-style case in various shapes and sizes for use with a wide variety of tablets out there today. The sample model we received has been designed especially for the MS Surface Pro 3 (with or without a TypeCover), yet is also suitable for other like-sized tablets with an 11"- 12" screen.

The Outback tablet sleeve employs a smart-looking, vintage-style design comprised of waxed canvas material with genuine leather trim. Purchasers are given the choice of "chocolate" (dark brown) or "grizzly" (med-light brown) colored leather. Next, you can then choose the case's orientation, selecting either a side- (horizontal) or top-loading (vertical) slot. Each tablet user has their own personal preference, so it's nice that WaterField Designs lets you decide the case format. (Please note that the vertical formatted model is referred to as the Outback Slip Case, listed separately.)

Despite its casual-professional appearance, the Outback also has something of a rugged look and feel to it. The textured waxed canvas material is notable for thriving in wet weather situations, making it more advantageous in terms of overall device protection. The interior features a high-grade, shock-absorbent neoprene lining. A rigid layer has also been sewn in to provide some extra resistance and screen protection. The MS Surface Pro 3 tablet rests perfectly comfy-cozy inside and a built-in leather strap with snap-button lock will ensure it stays securely fitted while traveling. Better yet, to absolutely ensure that nothing penetrates the sleeve to potentially harm your valuable tablet, would-be purchasers can opt for an envelope-style closure flap for $20 extra. Overall, the Outback Sleeve performs admirably in defense of bumps, dings, knocks and scratches, and will even absorb the impact of most accidental drops.

Already a pretty darn great tablet case, WaterField Designs also allows you to spice things up with various feature upgrades, each for an additional charge. Available extras include a suspended "piggyback pouch" pocket and a shoulder strap.

With their Outback Sleeve, WaterField Designs has delivered a potentially award-winning tablet case design. That's because, in essence, the Outback is very similar to the Ultimate Tablet SleeveCase which earned the 2012 Golden Case Award for Best Tablet Sleeve. The Outback can protect just as well yet offers a noticeably better vintage-style look. Though the distinction is minimal, WaterField Designs may have done just enough here to outdo the competition and reclaim the award in 2014.


  • High-quality materials
  • Above-average protection
  • Solid construction, built to last!

            Overall: GREAT


            • Custom-designed for the MS Surface Pro 3 tablet
            • TypeCover compatible
            • Also suitable for like-sized tablets with 11" to 12" screen
            • Vertictal format orientation (side-loading design)
            • Waxed canvas exterior with genuine leather trim
            • Leather available in two choice colors
            • Built-in envelope-style flap with snap-button lock
            • High-grade, shock-absorbing Neoprene interior
            • Designed to protest against bumps, scratches and light accidental drops
            • Adjustable, detachable padded shoulder strap
            • Suspended "piggyback pouch" pocket for storing accessories and other essentials


                          Tablet 11'' Tablet, 12'' Tablet
                          Style Sleeve
                          Brand Woodford Design
                          Function Mens, Outdoor, School, Travel, Womens
                          Price Great Value $40-$79
                          Exterior Material Fabric, Leather
                          Closure Button
                          Features Smart Cover Compatible


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