Innovative Care Apple iPad / 10" Tablet Bag


Though the Innovative Care tablet bag may not be quite the game-changer the company’s companion Professional Case is, this bag can earn some attention of its own with quality construction and nice top-grade weather-resistant nylon exterior. One doesn’t need the Professional Case and Innovative Care’s tablet bag to appreciate the virtues of either, but together these accessories make a heckuva set.

Editor's Rating 

The Innovative Care travel bag may not look like much – indeed, the Spartan design is so innocuous, one can’t help but think many users might not give this accessory a second look. Their loss, as it turns out, because Innovative Care lives up to that second name with quality material well assembled in a quality, satchel-like carrier. Said material is weather-resistant nylon; a single zipper fastens things together at the top of the tablet bag. This zipper isn’t overly impressive, but good to note that the same tough nylon runs all the way throughout the interior straight up to the lip underneath the enclosure for some extra weatherproof protection. On the tablet bag’s front side is a mesh pocket running about 80% of the surface area. Tightly stitched on and as durable as mesh will be, this storage space is good for carrying some items, although the weather protection the remainder of this bag offers does little good for this feature. And at the sides are small pouches for pens and the like. On the inside, the roomy pocket is fantastic for any number of accessories or other items a carry-all might tote. Soft synthetic lines this pocket for a little extra cushioning, though some extra padding – even at the bag’s bottom – would be more confidence-inducing. When the bag is zipped closed, a small travel-size padlock can be placed through the zipper and left side accessory loop (as seen in the photo above) to deter theft of items inside of bag. Odd that the folks at Innovative Care feel compel to mention this “feature” when an actual travel lock isn’t provided, however…


  • Top-grade durable nylon
  • Front mesh pocket, roomy interior pocket
  • Very good price

            Overall: GREAT

            Tablet accessory designers better start adjusting their radar for Innovative Care. This tablet bag is yet another product in the line which shows that little touches and straight-up quality can make a fairly priced best case scenario.


            • Designed to fit any Apple iPad or like-sized 9” to 10” tablet
            • Roomy, padded inside pocket protects the stored device(s)
            • Expandable front mesh pocket
            • Handy side pockets suitable for pens and small accessories
            • Side accessory loop for clip-on items
            • Durable, weather-resistant nylon material with top zipper lock
            • Inside zipper pocket perfect for cell phone, keys, ID card, etc.
            • Adjustable/detachable shoulder strap for convenient hands-free carrying
            • Shoulder strap adjusts from 32.5” min. to 58” max.
            • Enough space to fit the Professional Case with encased iPad tablet


                          Tablet 9'' Tablet, 10'' Tablet
                          Style Bag
                          Brand Innovative Care
                          Function Travel
                          Price Great Value $40-$79
                          Dimensions 8.5 x 2.5 x 10.75 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Nylon
                          Closure Zipper
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Pockets ,Shoulder Strap ,Smart Cover Compatible ,Stylus Holder


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