Evouni Twilled Denim Apple iPad / 9” Tablet Sleeve review


The Evouni Twilled Denim Sleeve incorporates wonderful soft-touch Japanese dyed twill denim fabric that projects a designer brand quality look and feel. Unfortunately, the design doesn’t exactly have sleek custom tailored appearances. The tablet sleeves warps a bit once items are stuffed inside and it’s missing the enclosures needed for confident hand-held travel.

Editor's Rating 

At first glance, the Evouni Twilled Denim tablet sleeve is something of a mixed bag. It’s gorgeously designed in classic grey twill denim with pink microfiber accents and interior lining. The fabric sleeve looks and feels fantastic, and could possible grow even nicer with a bit of wear. Unfortunately, the front top-left corner is dominated by the grammatically questionable company motto, “Unique Your lifestyle”. This is followed by four lines of text touting the sleeve’s advantages. Enough with the marketing, already! When the iPad (or any 9”-10” tablet) is encased, things get a bit displeasing. The built-in elastic corner strap does its best to hold the tablet secure inside, but the sleeve isn’t exactly form-fitting. Without enclosures at the top, the denim becomes wavy, or worse depending on the critic’s eye. The same thing goes for the front pockets. Unless you’re carrying items that are the exact width of the pocket, the sleeve will look lumpy. The Twilled Denim Sleeve is as lightweight as to be expected in a denim and microfiber design. At only 125g / 4.4 ounces, it may feel even lighter than originally anticipated. Though it protects a majority of the tablet against standard wear and tear, the soft cozy design is in particular a most appropriate choice for assuring the tablet screen is safe from scratches.


  • Great look, available in two colors
  • Very lightweight
  • Two exterior pockets

            Overall: GOOD

            The Twilled Denim Sleeve mostly impresses with an all-around fantastic look and feel. Though it falls short in a few areas, this solution makes up for its disadvantages with easy portability, durability and superb Evouni brand quality.


            • Designed to fit any Apple iPad or 9” tablet
            • Also a good fit for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 or Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9
            • Smart Cover compatible
            • Made of dyed twill denim fabric material from Japan
            • Ultra-slim, lightweight design makes the best use of space for more function
            • Dual twilled front-side pockets for storing documents and small accessories
            • Super-soft microfiber lining eliminates dust and prevents screen scratching
            • Built-in elastic corner strap to hold the tablet secure inside
            • Provides generous protection against standard wear and tear
            • Net weight: 125g / 4.4 oz


                          Tablet 9'' Tablet
                          Style Sleeve
                          Brand Evouni
                          Price Great Value $40-$79
                          Dimensions 8.5 X .24 X 10.6 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Fabric
                          Closure -
                          Features Pockets ,Smart Cover Compatible


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