IPEVO Perch iPad 2/3/4 Sofa/Side Stand


Here at the Tablet2Cases home office, Pasha Gecko sits behind a pair of Guernica-sized monitors, looking a bit like a war-room commander as he seeks out everyone’s best case scenario. What more could he need than an eye-level stand – with swivel rotation of 270°, no less – for his Apple iPad 2? (Except for maybe two eye-level stands...) If there’s anyone like this in your life, get him/her the IPEVO Perch Sofa/Side Stand.

Editor's Rating 

Of course, the IPEVO Perch Sofa/Side Stand isn’t all about business – not at all. The easy portability, thanks to the lightweight aluminum of the leg, allows the user to place the tablet anywhere in the home or office – Would you like a little web surfing to go with that TV watching? In terms of design, IPEVO’s tablet stand is excellently constructed. The aluminum leg is sturdy though lightweight and the steel base provides a nice solid feel. IPEVO touts the Perch Sofa/Side Stand as “great looking,” but let’s face it, the thing looks totally “Jetsons.” The Perch Stand is hardly an eyesore, but this one is clearly an example of function over form. The iPad 2 / New iPad 3snaps in firmly with a couple clamps and once in the holder, may be rotated 270° for nearly any viewing angle. Incidentally, this nice swivel feature makes up for what may be considered the main drawback of the IPEVO Perch: no possibility to adjust the height of the stand. On the other hand, leaving out this feature makes assembly simple, with four easy steps required to go from out of the box to viewing.


  • Great solid base
    Easily assembled
    Quality tough materials

          Overall: GOOD

          For those users who need just one more screen – like The Boss – or wish to display a tablet conveniently, the Perch Sofa/Side Stand is truly the best case scenario. IPEVO has come up with quite the nice product here which for some will prove irresistible.


          • Waist-high stand mounts your iPad for hands-free viewing and multimedia applications
          • Device is easy to install and remove
          • Heavy-duty holder keeps iPad securely in place
          • Forged aluminum leg and heavy-gauge steel base look great and provide sturdy foundation
          • Effortlessly tilt and rotate iPad with special dual-axis hinge


                        Tablet Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4
                        Style Stand
                        Brand Ipevo
                        Function -
                        Price Great Value $40-$79
                        Dimensions 12.6 x 16.14 x 33 in (WLH)
                        Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Screen Pivot


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