Verus Provides the iPad Pro With Layered Protection in the Dandy Folio

The Layered Dandy Series from Verus is a luxurious folio tablet case made for the latest Apple tablet. Elegantly crafted from premium PU leather, the Apple iPad Pro case not only offers classy looks, but also delivers great impact protection. On the inside there are a couple of slip pockets for the most important documents and the magnets, built into the cover, act as a secure magnetic lock. Despite all-round protection, the case is offering, all of the tablet’s ports and buttons are open to immediate access. The folio reclines in several ways to transform into a convenient tablet stand.

About Verus:

VERUS is manufacturing advanced, functional and goo-looking cases for the vest digital devices selected by Korean and global users. Our products are designed by specialized designers. Sleek design and material in high quality make our VERUS cases outstanding in the industry. We do not stay at the stage of supplying existing cases only. It is devoting continuous efforts to develop innovative cases, user will be able to prove that they are fashion leaders with their stylish VERUS cases.

Complex and sophisticated process of manufacturing is all performed by spcializied and well-skilled craftsmen. No single step of manufacturing can be an exception. Careful in spection and quality control are never neglected by VERUS. This is not to have user fine our products uncomfortable during use. Also this is how VERUS keeps a reputation of its brand value in the markets.

VERUS is the vest in Korean domestic market and now it is becoming the one who leads the global trends. Trying to be a pioneer breaking new ground and keeping up with the newest trends with an open mind and variation of products is what we are doing.

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