Apple's 2022 Upcoming Products

What is Apple brining to the table this year?

Hey Apple fans! If you are planning to buy a new Apple iPad, hold your horses and read through this article to the latest news on Apple iPads and when you can expect new launches. If rumors are to be believed, Apple may be releasing the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. How true these rumors are and what are the improvements that are being expected? We will discuss all this so you can decide whether it is worth the wait before you put your money out on an Apple iPad now.

New Apple Products To Look Out For in 2022

While the world was on lockdown and reeling from the pandemic, Apple was busy overhauling and improving its product range. The major change was the introduction of Apple’s own M1 processor to replace the Intel that it had been using so far. The M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max processors have had very favorable feedback and in 2022, we hope to see it transition more of its devices to its M1 family of processors.

In 2021, Apple launched new AirPods, iPhones, iPads, and an Apple Watch update, however, there is more good news waiting for Apple fans with more new launches and updates expected in 2022.

We extensively researched and looked into every rumor we came across and have based our predictions on our findings.

iPad Pro and iPad Mini benefitted from big upgrades last year, including the M1 processor, 5G technology, and Center Stage - an auto zooming technology for the front camera. However, iPad Air, which was one of the most popular iPads in 2020, did not get an update in 2021. So this year, we are expecting the iPad Air to be upgraded to match the other two in the family.

iPad Air – What to expect in 2022

iPad Air has always been a good choice for those who are looking at a budget option for an iPad Pro. Since iPad and iPad Mini were updated in 2021, these seem to be a better choice at the moment than iPad Air which got its last update in 2020. They have more powerful chips and the Center Stage tech which make these far superior to the present iPad Air. This is the reason why we believe that there is an update coming to the iPad Air in 2022. We believe that it will get the camera update with an Ultra Wide-angle auto-zooming camera front camera with Center-Stage.

Will iPad Air get the coveted M1 chip and the 5G band upgrade? That is a question that we need to investigate.

The 2021 iPad Mini has an A15 processor which is also the processor that has been used for iPhone 13. It is a more cost-effective processor so this is the processor upgrade that the iPad Air 2022 may also get. This will make the iPad Air more cost-effective while improving its functionality over the 2020 version.

Whether it gets a new processor or not, the one feature that is sure to come to iPad Air 2022 is the Center Stage front camera. This could be great for its market positioning and it would make the iPad Air compare well with the iPad Mini which was released last year. It would be a newer and larger version of the iPad Mini and a lot more affordable than the iPad Pro making it a goto iPad for most people.

Now coming to the question of when it will be launched, looking at the launching practices for the last few years, and the news we heard on the grapevine, the updated iPad Air should be in the market in spring 2022.

 iPad Pro – What to Expect in 2022

From the whispers we hear, there is another updated iPad pro in the works too. This too could be launched sometime in 2022. The 2021 iPad Pro already has the M1 chip and the Mini-LED screen in the 12.9-inch model. So where will it go from here? It is expected that Apple will improve the design language and add wireless charging capabilities and a glass back to the iPad Pro. We also heard rumors that it may come with a reverse wireless charging capability to let it charge devices like AirPods. It is also expected to use the mini-LED screens for the iPad Pro 11 inch version. Besides these changes, there are also chances of a new Apple pencil being developed and launched along with the iPad Pro 2022.

The new iPad Pro is expected to be launched in Spring or Autumn of 2022.


iPad 10.2 Inch – What to Expect in 2022

This is the entry-level model of the iPad but it still comes packed with solid technology. This tablet is targeted at the education sector where affordability is a prime concern. If Apple wants to continue to be in this segment, it needs to keep the price comparable to the Chromebooks already in the market. To keep the cost low, Apple is likely to keep the expensive tech out of this iPad.

What we expect in the updated iPad 10.2 inches is to continue with the old screens, Touch ID, and home button. It will use cheaper housings and older chips as well as 4G modems. It already has the Center Stage tech and an upgrade on the storage space in 2021 so we are not expecting any other radical changes in this model.

We expect this model to be available only in autumn 2022 or even spring 2023.

iPad Mini – What to Expect in 2022

The new iPad Mini was released in the autumn of 2021. This update made it better technologically than the present iPad Air, hence we do not see any more updates coming to this model in 2022. Historically too, Apple has updated the Mini models less often than the others, so we do not expect any new improvements in the near future.


Keeping in mind the technological advances that Apple has made and the patents it has filed in 2021, there are exciting things to come in the future. You can expect new wearables and folding phones. You can also expect slimmer, lighter Macs too. But all that we will reserve for another blog. Right now, we sign off by saying, if you plan to buy an iPad, wait a few months before you finalize your purchase. So go start looking for ways to protect your new iPad by looking at some exciting iPad covers.

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