Totoya Creatures Robotto Apple iPad Interactive Kids Play Case review


“Ma-ma” “Da-da” What will your toddler say next? “Robotto” This soft, cuddly toy is something he/she can instantly cling to, and once merged with any iPad, they may never want to let it go. By downloading the free app, the ’feature’ creature tablet case for kids becomes animated to entertain and educate a young child for hours on end...What more could you ask? Well, perhaps an extra iPad.

Editor's Rating 

Your curious ‘little monster’ wants to reach for everything in sight, including your iPad. Perhaps no better or safer place for your device to be than inside this little monster from Totoya Creatures. Robotto is compatible with iPad, iPad 2 & iPad 3 and functions by downloading the free app (updated regularly). His animations/sounds will do more than simply entertain and amuse a young child. With touch controls like tap, pan, pinch, swipe and hold, your toddler will be developing motor skills, while the chimes, tunes and pan-galactic sound bank can train musical qualities and a sense of rhythm. Can you say, “child prodigy“?

Robotto measures approximately 15.5” x 10”, and has a large rectangular cutout for face animations, and a smaller one on the chest for his heart and sound/voice controls (iPad must be turned on and app launched before inserting). Although designed for your child, Robotto may bring you back to your own childhood. His pixilated features make me recall the classic videogames Pong and Space Invaders, remember playing them on the Atari? Drawing lines on Robotto’s face reminds me of those on an Etch-a-Sketch. Moving the finger in a circular motion creates a ’moonwalk’ swirl-effect, or a quick swipe up/down will ignite firework burst animations. As if programmed by Kraftwerk, his sound bank of chimes and tunes will have you dancing to that old familiar 80‘s music beat. Robotto also speaks and plays back your voice recordings, making him even more likeable! (Perhaps you’ll want to keep him for yourself)

With an incorporated zipper and soft, cushy materials to keep your device safe and secure, the Robotto makes it easy to concede the iPad to your toddler. Your biggest concern? Figuring out how to get your device back without sending your child into a tantrum. Well, you can exchange it with an iPod Touch 3G or 4G, which fits into a separate pocket in the chest to maintain his sound/voice functions. Or, you can always bribe your child with a bedtime story!


  • 2012 Golden Case Awards nominee for Best Case for Kids & Best Themed Case
  • Soft, plush, cuddly
  • Robot design Interactive smart app-enabled toy
  • Child safe materials
  • Perfect for geek moms/dads
  • Smart-App Enabled

            Overall: GREAT

            Is it great for all young children? I suspect those above the ages of 4 or 5 will prefer something that allows them to interact more with the iPad (like the Speck iGuy). But for the wee ones, Robotto is a great choice to get their imagination going!


            • Turns any generation iPad into a smart toy for kids
            • Ultra-soft, plush and cuddly design
            • Spill-resistant and wipe-cleanable exterior
            • All materials are child safe
            • Incorporated zipper keeps tablet secure inside
            • Creature comes to life with free downloadable App (updated regularly)
            • Face animations and other touch-activated visual effects
            • Chimes, tunes and pan-galactic sound bank
            • Records user voices and plays them back in robotic speak
            • Incorporated finger loop strap on the back
            • Protects the tablet against accidental drops
            • Net weight: 190 g / 6.7 oz
            • Get the App for free!


                          Tablet Apple iPad 1, Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4, ,
                          Style Play
                          Brand Totoya Creatures
                          Function Kids
                          Price High End $80 - $149
                          Dimensions 10 x 1.5 x 15.5 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Faux-Leather
                          Closure Zipper
                          Features Free Downloadable App


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