LifeJacket Apple iPad 1/2/3/4 Waterproof Case review


Like those orange flotation devices you used to use when learning to swim, the LifeJacket iPad waterproof case is bulky and buoyant. Also similarly, the LifeJacket case isn’t exactly designed for style or multi-purpose use. While any iPad is easily inserted into this protector case, the user must be prepared for a serious lack of functionality, because once sealed the tablet buttons, ports, etc., cannot be accessed.

Editor's Rating 

In terms of protection from water and other elements, the LifeJacket iPad waterproof case is among the very best in its class: This case is capable of withstanding submersion for 30 minutes in depths of water up to three feet.

Additionally, iPad users may note the easy assembly here is more favorable than the similar, equally protective Lifedge case. Where putting the Lifedge together is quite honestly a bit of a counterintuitive battle, the LifeJacket case is literally a snap: Simply place the Apple iPad in the back cover and snap on the top piece.

The LifeJacket adds quite a bit of bulkiness to an iPad, with the black bezel making the tablet a good one inch wider all around. However, the hard plastic construction keeps things lightweight for easy carrying while providing nice protection against drops and shocks. The 3M glareproof touchscreen window does an equally decent job in protecting the iPad and keeps the screen remarkably responsive.

Of course, the touchscreen is about the only interactivity the user is allowed once the iPad is embedded in the LifeJacket case. Unlike the Lifedge, the LifeJacket’s complete waterproof seal – and we mean complete – denies the user access to all buttons and ports of the iPad while in use. No extra functionality is provided, but an aluminum mounting bracket is available for purchase separately.


  • 2013 Golden Case Awards nominee for Best Waterproof Case
  • Easy insertion/removal
  • Great waterproof sealing
  • Glare-resistant 3M touchscreen protector

            Overall: GOOD

            Despite a lack of functionality/tablet access, the LifeJacket remains a worthy addition to the selection of waterproof cases. Just like the swimming item for which it is named, this iPad case serves its singular purpose admirably.


            • Fits any generation Apple iPad
            • Designed for extreme weather protection
            • Fully sealed for protection from dirt, dust and water
            • Waterproof certified to IPX-7 standards
            • Watertight seal for 30 minutes in depth up to 3 feet
            • Built-in floatation
            • Shock and drop resistant
            • 3M glare-resistant screen
            • Clear use of the tablet display screen
            • Multiple mount options (aluminum bracket sold separately)
            • Net weight: 635g / 22.4 oz


                          Tablet Apple iPad 1, Apple iPad 2, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPad 4 ,
                          Style Waterproof
                          Brand LifeJacket
                          Function Outdoor
                          Price High End $80 - $149
                          Dimensions 9.9 X .95 X 11.6 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Plastic
                          Closure Clip
                          Features Mount compatible (sold separately),Waterproof


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