Top 5 Tablet Cases as Christmas Presents for Parents and Grandparents

Christmas doesn’t only mean presents for the little ones, we all know everyone deserves a package or two under the tree. Parents and grandparents will also be hoping to receive a little something from their loved ones, other than headaches and sleep deprivation.

Modern, fast-moving world offers lots of ideas for a great present, and tech gadgets have permanently become one of the most popular ones. However, if your parents and grandparents already own a tablet, presumably because you gave them one last Christmas, it’s high time to present them with a great tablet case this year.

Let’s take a look then on the best tablet cases available out there, which can serve as Christmas gifts for parents and grandparents.

1. Cooper Titan Rugged & Tough Case for all Apple iPads

The Cooper Titan will keep your tablet safe in case you leave it unattended and your kids find it. Tough construction delivers all-round protection and will even safeguard the device from smaller falls. A built-in tablet stand delivers multiple angles. The case caters to all Apple tablets from the Minis and iPad 2-4, to both iPad Airs.

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Pricefrom $12.45

2. Reboon Booncover Universal Folio Case /w Velcro Pads for 6-11" Tablets

Available in the widest selection of sizes the Reboon Booncover will fit just about any tablet starting from 6” devices and all the way to 11” technological wonders. The tablet folio case comes with a slim and lightweight body, but offers decent levels of protection. One of its best features is the integrated tablet stand offering various convenient positions.

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Pricefrom $46.95

3. TS Case Crocodile Grain Leather Folio Case for Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3

A classy tablet folio case made from premium leather with crocodile grain texture, the TS Case Crocodile Grain will satisfy even the most demanding grandparents. Designed specifically for the iPad Minis, the case not only delivers premium, luxurious looks, but offers decent impact protection and comes with a neat integrated stand function.

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Pricefrom $22.45

4. Cooper Infinite Elite Universal Folio for 7-8" & 9-10" Tablets

The Cooper Infinite Elite comes in two sizes: universally compatible with all 7-8” tablets and 9-10” devices. The case sports classic folio design covering up the tablet from all sides, but providing immediate access to all ports and buttons. Elastic strap lock keeps the case shut during travel and built-in stand capabilities offer various positions.

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Pricefrom $11.45

5. Cooper Vintage Posta Folio Case for Apple iPad

The Cooper Vintage Posta combines simple, yet functional construction with stylish design print. Classic folio layout can be easily confused with a book, thanks to various prints on both sides of the case. The prints represent vintage postcards from different cities allowing the case to stand out in the sea of boring plastic folios.

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Pricefrom $11.95
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