Find the iPad Pro on the ParcSlope Tablet Stand From Twelve South

Remember Twelve South’s ParcSlope – a high-quality wedge for the MacBook? Guess what, it’s also a perfect tablet stand accessory for the latest Cupertino creation – the Apple iPad Pro. The case tilts the tablet at 18 degrees, offering a comfy way to interact with almost every app. The charging cable hides underneath the case offering constant juice, but far from prying eyes. The top silicone ridge – is a perfect spot to keep your Apple Pencil. No matter if you prefer to use a separate keyboard for typing or the iPad Pro’s virtual one, the stand offers a perfect angle for both cases.

About Twelve South:

Twelve South has been designing beautiful accessories exclusively for Apple products since 2009. Our small company, right around twelve employees, develops surprising new ways to protect and personalize your Apple hardware.

We’re big on tiny details, little nuances and millimeters that transform our products into must-have items. Each product we make is backed up by top-notch customer service – delivered by real human beings. From day one, we have been committed to serving the legions of people who, just like us, line up in front of an Apple store to buy the latest and greatest Apple product. We plan to stay the course, designing products as innovative as Apple itself.

We want to be your go-to source for gear made exclusively for Apple. If you’re a Twelve South fan, thank you for your support and flying the Twelve South flag. If you haven’t tried our products yet, we invite you to take one for a spin. We’re confident you’ll like what you buy and your friends will be jealous.

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