Choiix Waves the iPad 2 Around With a Unique Stand Case

  • Wave Stand from Choiix
  • Wave Stand from Choiix review
  • Wave Stand from Choiix screenshot
  • Choiix Wave Stand
  • Choiix Wave Stand review

Wave Stand from Choiix is a unique tablet stand case compatible with almost any device including Apple iPad 2 , HTC Flyer , BlackBerry PlayBook , HP TouchPad and Motorola Xoom . The premium aluminum material is not only a feast to the eyes, but a highly durable and stylish accessory.

Thanks to the Wave Stand the tablet can be place in both landscape and portrait orientation at an angle of your choice from 0° to 135°. The rubberized sides of the stand offer a perfect grip eliminating the possibility for the tablet to slip from the case.

The Wave Stand boasts a slim design, which allows comfortable and convenient transportation. The unique design of the new stand is guaranteed to turn a couple of heads in your direction, whenever you decide to use the Wave Stand.

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