Introducing the Cooper Nomad: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

Meet the future of mobile productivity: the Cooper Nomad Bluetooth Keyboard. This innovative device is not just another keyboard; it's your gateway to unparalleled efficiency, wherever life takes you.

Slide, Swipe, Connect Everywhere
Embrace the new era of portable productivity with the Cooper Nomad. It features a revolutionary slide-out touchpad, intuitive trackpad gestures, and full-size keys, all encapsulated within a sleek design complete with a protective magnetic cover and stand. It's the perfect companion for both tablet keyboard aficionados and smartphone power users alike.

Connectivity Hub for Multitaskers
The Cooper Nomad shines as a versatile, compact wireless keyboard that seamlessly connects with up to three devices. Its advanced features and ergonomic design provide a laptop-like typing experience, making it the perfect tool for multitaskers everywhere.


Endless Power, Unbound Productivity
The Cooper Nomad is compact yet powerful. Measuring just 29.1x12.9x1.4 cm, it boasts a mini Bluetooth keyboard and mouse touchpad combo that instantly connects to multiple devices. With 13 gesture controls, Type-C quick charge, and scissor-cut keys, it's designed to keep you productive all day long.

Sleek Design, Superior Performance
Crafted from premium ABS material, the Cooper Nomad doesn't just look good—it's built to last. Spill-resistant keys, a responsive and reliable touchpad, and a stable Bluetooth 5.2 connection ensure your work goes on uninterrupted. And with a 400-hour battery life plus a quick 2-hour charge, it's always ready when you are.

Travel Light, Type Smart
Designed with mobility in mind, the Cooper Nomad is the ideal travel keyboard. Its ergonomic shape and laptop-like keys offer a superior typing experience, while the advanced trackpad enhances your productivity on the go. Whether you're drafting emails at a coffee shop or taking notes in class, the Cooper Nomad has got you covered.

Our customers love the Cooper Nomad for its versatility, sleek design, and the freedom it brings to their mobile productivity. From the coffee shop to the classroom, it's proving to be the go-to device for typing on the go.
Discover the Cooper Nomad today and transform your mobile work and play into an experience of comfort, efficiency, and style.


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