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To provide an outstanding customer experience in finding cases for mobile devices

Tablet2Cases Team

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We Save Tablet’s Lives

You just made it home with your brand new tablet. It’s still in the box – smells like new. You pull the tab and release the cover. Excitement shocks your core. Cool plastic between your fingers. The box slides off and falls away. A circular power button calls your name. You push it. The vibrant screen fires up in all its high-res glory - an image so clear you can’t believe it’s real. Your jaw drops.

You tap the icons and blissfully type your name. The world around you fades. It’s a wonderful experience. The best. You’re on a technological high. Then you turn around, bump a stranger, and drop the tablet. The screen shatters into a billion pieces. The light flickers out along with your smile, tears fill your eyes, and your heart stops beating.

How many times have you dropped your tablet and shattered the screen? Those sleek little rectangles bring loads of joy, but at some point it always ends in broken glass & misery. Protective cases save tablet’s lives.

But you deserve more than a good case. You deserve great quality and functionality at a great price. At Tablet2Cases that’s what you get. With our team of highly trained experts keeping up with the latest trends and developments, you always get the best value, guaranteed.

Quit replacing screens and join us as we redefine the meaning of affordable tablet protection.

Founded on the Three B’s

Better Products – No flimsy knock-offs. We choose cases for endurance. We’re really picky and we put a lot of effort into giving you protection that last years.

Better Service Some companies offer little to no service at all? We think that’s stupid, so we do our best to give 110% for every customer. No hassles, friendly people, easy returns, every time.

Better Prices – Quality, durability & functionality usually eat your wallet. We choose valuable cases without astronomical prices. When you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll know where you should turn, even if it’s years down the road.

Together We Stand

Let’s be real, businesses that don’t change the way they think, act, and serve are headed for destruction. Customers are too smart for silly nonsense. Business is about relationships. It’s about providing solutions and keeping people happy so they always come back for more.

Mutual relationships are only possible when both sides benefit. It’s an ongoing process, where we work together to reach the best possible outcomes. For us that means providing over the top service, even when it takes extra work. We strive to be transparent, supportive, and trustworthy, because at the end of the day, we all just want a fair deal, from people we can count on.

The Nuts & Bolts of T2C

With service this effective we must be a small, automated shop, right? The truth is, we’re actually a pretty big company with several locations and lots of friendly faces. Our corporate office is housed in Hong Kong, while logistics happen from Shenzhen City, China, and our devoted support team helps people all over the world from Budapest, Hungary.

Head Office

Head Office
Budapest, Hungary

Corporate Office

Corporate Office
Hong Kong

Logistics Center

Logistics Center
Shenzhen, China

When you visit our website you won’t find any robots. Just a team of energetic individuals working together to bring you the best cases, and best care of any online tablet protection store anywhere. Here’s some of our awesome team members, so you can put a face with a name.

Charlie - Tablet2Cases

Charlie Dogstein

Head of Catering

Tim Rockel - Tablet2Cases

Tim Rockel

Graphics & Design

Ana Paola

Customer Support Agent

Zebo Tursunova - Tablet2Cases

Zebo Tursunova

Sales Account Manager

Carlos Castaneda - Tablet2Cases

Carlos Castaneda

Sales Account Manager

Atsushi Ishitani

Business Development Japan

Noriko Iida - Tablet2Cases

Noriko Iida

Customer Support Japan

Curtis Jones - Tablet2Cases

Curtis Jones

Head of Communications


Amjad Nabhan - Tablet2Cases

Amjad Nabhan

Accounting & Inventory Planning

Emily Xie - Tablet2Cases

Emily Xie

Purchasing Manager

Szilvia Nagy - Tablet2Cases

Szilvia Nagy

Office Administrator

Andrew Zhu - Tablet2Cases

Andrew Zhu

Warehouse General Manager

Pavel Smirnov - Tablet2Cases

Pavel Smirnov

Managing Director

Sagi Luel - Tablet2Cases

Sagi Luel

Managing Director

Of course, every company had to start somewhere. Tablet2Cases started when our owners Pavel Smirnov and Sagi Luel realized a massive need in the tablet market. Pavel was searching for something to keep his tablet safe, but couldn’t find any good solutions, so he teamed up with Sagi, and the legacy was born.

There’s a lot of moving parts to Tablet2Cases. Remove any and we couldn’t function as well as we do. Luckily, we’ve spent years putting the pieces together, and now we’re highly effective. An international company, delivering personalized service one customer at a time.

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