In a few short years, tablet cases have gone from Model T-style blandness and uniformity of look to an entire range of designs fulfilling functions or adding flair. Whole styles have been created in tablet cases – just to name the popular few, there are cases with handstraps, shoulder straps, or zippers; rugged or water-resistant; for kids or for ladies; car mounts or just plain folio cases.

In Style Case-O-Pedia, more information on each tablet case style may be found, including details on the characteristics of each style along with its advantages and disadvantages to the typical tablet user.

Tablet Reviews

If you’re looking for information on tablets, this is the section for you. Tablet2Cases devotes the tablet review Case-O-Pedia to key information on 500+ tablets and ereaders.

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As popularity of tablets continues to grow at phenomenal rate, a number of brand names are rising to household status. Today, literally hundreds of producers of tablet cases are doing brisk business while attempting to create unique product that will make them stand out in a crowded field.

Case Brand Profiles


Case uses are those extras which make the case appropriate for a specific use or style. Where some cases feature a certain look (ie designer or women's cases), others have required functionality (ie. outdoor or kid's cases).

Case Uses


In a few short years, tablet cases have gone from Model T-style blandness and uniformity to an entire range of design fulfilling functionality and adding flair. In Style Case-O-Pedia, detailed characteristics (including pros and cons) for each case style are explained.

Case Styles


Case features relate to functionality other than simply covering and/or encasing the device. Various models provide extra uses that make tablet carrying, displaying and accessorizing more convenient.

Case Features


The actual material isn’t necessarily the be-all and end-all of a tablet case, but this factor certainly goes a long way for many users. The differences, advantages and disadvantages of materials commonly used in creating tablet cases, along with illustrations of representative examples, can be found in this section.

Case Materials


Sometimes referred as closures, case locks enclose the tablet with some kind of fastener or strap. Most case styles include at least a few examples of models with locks. All of the lock variations are detailed in this section.

Case Locks

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This is a general section dedicated to background reading on tablets. It covers tablet technology, its history, industry leaders, product design and future of tablet devices.

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